Trading sustainable products from the Peruvian Amazon creates the harmony between money, people, and planet that the world needs, says Shiwi Founder Sofía Rubio.

Healthy. Conscious. Wild.

This is what the Amazonian Brazil nut is all about, and it is not only healthy, but tasty. Its smooth, buttery texture fills the mouth with a delicious, nutty flavour, like that of its tree nut sister macadamia. And the best part: Brazil nuts are the richest source of selenium to be found in any food product.

Brazil nuts are harvested in the wild Amazon rainforest. Their massive trees rise above the canopy, each one producing a fruit that encases 10 to 20 individual nuts. Once these ripen, they fall to the forest floor, waiting to be collected.

However, these trees are in danger. In June 2020, Reuters reported that the deforestation of the rainforest could be at its worst in over a decade. Wildfires, along with farmers cutting down trees to make way for cattle or agricultural products are constant threats.

Conserving the Brazil nut tree has become a symbol for saving the rainforest. Sofía Rubio, the founder of Peruvian company Shiwi, wants to get this message to the World.